The Mighty Hamster Roared




At the end of every research week I have an assortment of interesting bits I find on the web, but have nowhere to share them.  Creating this small post gives me a depository for extra information that I can share with my readers.




The Mighty Hamster Roared

That smell wafting across France is not because someone neglected to change the cage filling; the European Commission has brought a case against Paris for allowing the Great Hamster of Alsace, the only wild hamster in Western Europe, to decline to the point of extinction; Cricetus cricetus is larger and prettier than its familiar domesticated cousins, and the remaining 250 animals have had their habitat decimated by suburban sprawl.

Read more on the plight of this creature at the Independent of Scotland.




Goldsmiths’ Company

The oldest livery in London, established in 1327, teaching technique and artistry skills while focusing on design, art and concept. They have an extensive library, and an archive of drawings that would inspire any artist.


Sherman Library and Gardens

California offers a unique twist on many artistic frontiers.  Chef/restaurateur Pascal Olhats and artist Timothy J. Clark combine the concept of eating and viewing art inspired foods.  A soothing watercolor of the seaside combined with a filet of sole or California mussels inspire new thoughts during a contemplation of senses combined.


Ivan Konstantinovitch Aivazovsky

Painter of the Sea

Born in the Crimean peninsula, he studied painting at the Imperial Academy in St. Petersburg and became court painter to Nicholas I. His paintings of the sea show a fluid movement of nature, not the snap shot image.  The viewer can feel the spray of the wave on their face, a true complement for an artist that did not work from nature, but from memory.


From Hairpin to Shoe Buckle

This exhibit offers more than 500 pieces of gold and silver clothing accessories at the Zilver Museum in Antwerp. The intricacies of ornament through the ages and the detailed artistic expression in these small pieces will give the visitor an appreciation of the distinct flair available from the smallest adornment.

A PDF on the exhibition with a few photos is accessible here.


La Bella Italia

Great Masters of Italian art are showcased in this exhibit to celebrate the heritage of the Italy provinces. 350 works displayed in the setting of “stables” highlight the different contributions made by pre-unification Italy’s distinct cultural centers and shed light on the historical contexts that shaped them.

Thanks for everyone’s input this week and suggestions!

The next installment of the Borgias looks promising, and I will have more posts about their art and history to follow.




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3 responses to “The Mighty Hamster Roared

  1. Shelli Clark

    Love the Hamster story!

  2. Thanks for putting it up! I hope I’ve signed up for your page, it’s a good one 🙂

  3. Glad you enjoyed it!


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