A thimble full of me

Mary Jo Gibson is a writer of history, art, and whatever else may strike her fancy.  She lives in Illinois and formerly designed stained glass, but found that didn’t pay the bills.  Her dream job involves visiting museums and participating in the Google Art Project, but until then, a research job with a pr company will suffice.
MJ always worked with the arts, but the stories and the history behind the scenes intrigued the nonstop appetite feeding her imagination.  You can find her daydreaming in museums, imagining the what- ifs and maybes, or else at the coffee bar fueling up for another round of viewing.
A reformed choc-aholic and mother of two teenagers, her few free moments are spent reading and writing about art history and poisoners.  Recently, doing independent research has proven a rewarding experience, and if you are looking for a researcher, contact MJ at vienna1818@yahoo.com.  But, if it is a nice day, she will be in the garden fighting off the squirrel army.

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