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The Detroit Institute of Arts shared their drawings from Michelangelo, a preparatory work destined for the Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted between 1508 and 1512.  I am currently reading “Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling” from Ross King, the back stories of these scrappy Titans of history are a guilty pleasure.



These images from the DIA reminded me of my blog post, Drunken Tourist Herds at the Sistine Chapel, and the various bits and pieces of history attached to this exquisite gem in the Vatican treasure chest.   In addition, for those interested in the Rabbit Hole of Research, the New York Times archive contains an interesting article regarding the Spark of Life in Michelangelo’s painting “The Creation of Adam.”  Was the artist allegorically portraying the moment when God bestowed Adam with intelligence?  Read more to draw your own conclusions.


Vatican Museum icon

Lastly, the very latest in Virtual Tours is now available from the Vatican Museums to enhance your ecclesiastical art history experience.  No crowds, no hurried tour group, just infinite, infinite exquisite art.

Vatican Museum virtual tour

Vatican Museum virtual tour 2

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